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5 Habits for Creating a Customer-Centric Company by @c5geoff

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TL;DR: Being customer-centric is not something your company needs to do- it's something your company needs to be (and can be).

Habit #1: Listen

Whether you are dealing with individuals or a corporation, listening is essential. But how can you do this?

Ride Along. Get out and spend time with people. Really get to know them.

Listen in More Places. Find out where you can really listen. Think creatively.

Remember in Fewer Places. Consolidate the tools you are using to accomplish this. Companies who use too many different tools, end up not doing this at all.

Meditate. People/companies with a good sense of self, are better at listening.

Habit #2: Understanding

The companies with the fastest growing revenue are better at doing analytics and taking action from their data. So, how can you do this?

Be Social. Use social media to listen to your customers. Perhaps even use social media internally, in your own company, to gather information.

Clean Up Your ROT. You know, your Redundant, Outdated and Trivial data? Get rid of it.

Know Your History.

Validate. Take extra time and effort to make sure you really understand what you're looking at. Don't assume.

Habit #3: Connect

Everyone can connect better, if they follow a good process. That process cannot be rigid. It should be like a wheel: rigid at the core but flexible at the edges.

Start Steering and Keep Steering. Don't stop when creating your process. Keep at it and always be improving it.

Balance Your Wheels. Change with your customers and personality.

Build a Process GPS. Use a methodology to develop this process.

Habit #4: Know

Know what your results are and constantly evaluate them.

SQAG leads to BHAG. We all have Big Hairy Ambitious Goals but we need Short Quickly-Attainable Goals to get there.

Celebrate our goals.

Dashboards. They need to be balanced between too-little and too-much information.

Be Fail Safe. Allow vulnerabilities and failures in order to improve.

Habit #5: The L.U.C.K. Principle

Put these all together, to become a customer-centric organization. It should be who you ARE as a company, not just what you DO.

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