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YouTube Marketing: Building Your Brand with Video by @stephelisecarls

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TL;DR: Video is easy and productive. Get started today! Here's how.

Why video? 
 * 74% of all internet traffic will be video by 2017 (next year!). 
 * 300% more video consumption will be on devices over the last couple of years. 
 * More and more customers want video content. Can be from you, as the business owner. It can also be from your customers. 
 * 157% increase in organic traffic from video content.
 * Double the conversion rate from sites with video. 
 * Video is the most effective vehicle to communicate information. Video creates an emotional reaction that can move customers. 

Getting started with video
Not much different than your other marketing channels. Set goals and ROI.

What are you passionate about? What do you have expertise in? What are your customers passionate about? What's in-demand and under-served? Find themes and develop startedies around them. 

It's never been easier to do video marketing than it is today. We all have quality video cameras in our pockets, right now. 

YouTube Marketing
This is the second largest search engine. 53x more likely to appear in search. Keep visitors on your site at 5x the average rate. 52% of customers are more confident in online purchase following video research. 

For a strategy on YouTube (5 steps)

1. Goals: measure what actually matters.
Views don't really matter. You can buy views. You want action to be taken. 

You need a valuable editorial plan. Give people what they want. Audience retention is the most critical metric. Stay conisistent with format and expectations. 

Have a clear and aligned CTA. Give value and ask for relative return. Graphics MIGHT be seen. CALL the action.

2. Addictive: format that keeps them coming back for more. 
You want to get your viewers to stay and watch more. How? Good content.  

3. What to talk about: never have a blank slate
Use themes to guide your editorial design. There are no stupid questions. To find them, use YouTube search. Instant returns come from possible searches by users. 

4. Optimize for Search
User your keywords in the first 4-5 words in your headline. Consider your competition. Keep it simple. Avoid series names and episode numbers in your headline. 

Sorry- lost the suggestions for tags and descriptions.

5. Community engagement matters. 

Video Performance
Utilize the power of your analytics. You know exactly how much of your content they have taken in. Track engagement and audience retention, too. 

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