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Why Do We Need All This Tech? – Building Your Marketing Technology Blueprint by @riverspearce

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TL;DR: Marketing technology is here and indispensable. Don't be distracted by the pretty lights and pick the right solution for accomplishing your goals. 

We're living in a world that is constantly competing for our attention. How can we get people's attention, as marketers, in a world like this? If we can get their attention, we must make it worth their time.

Attention leads to engagement. Engagement gives us the opportunity to trust us. Once they trust us, we can earn their loyalty. We only have a matter of seconds to accomplish this (in our mobile, instant world). Trust is key. Trust is a non-renewable resource. 

This is why we need a marketing ecosystem. Not just a linear approach to marketing. Think about how it all fits together- like an ecosystem. 

It's impossible to produce scalable marketing without marketing technology (MarTech). This isn't the future; this is now. This is exploding because people need it. 

(Disclaimer: avoid shiny object syndrome. When it comes to MarTech, dont' just buy for brand, etc)

Non-Tech Questions to answer first:
 * What is your unique value proposition?
 * Who are your ideal customers and where can I find them? 
 * How do you define success?
 * What is your budget? 

Tech Defining Question about MarTech:
 * What will be the hub of your business and brand online? 
 * How are you going to attract customers?
 * Where are you going to send those visitors?
 * How are you going to engage, educate & convert them into customers? 
 * Where are you going to store their information?
 * What are you going to do with this information? 
 * How are you going to retain customers and create raving fans? 
 * How are you going to know what works and what doesn't?
 * How do you make this happen? Who is going to manage it?

Work through these questions to decide which kinds of MarTech to invest in. 

Once you have your blueprint (see above) then you decide your MarTech vendors. 

What are the essentials?
 * Website (mobile, responsive, good design, etc) 
 * Some sort of CRM (not a spreadsheet) to store your customer info, to use it.
 * An Email or marketing automation system
 * Social media presence 
 * Analytics

Your biggest challenge will be ADOPTION. Everyone will have their favorite. Tough decisions need to be made. 

You need a modern marketing team, too: Content, design, video, web dev, digital marketing (social, SEO, display, PPC), retention and database marketing, data analyst, technologist, etc. 

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