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The Power of Storytelling with @jonathanopp

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TL;DR: Stories are powerful ways to communicate. Create a story for your brand to use that power for your marketing efforts.

The Power of Storytelling

Why is storytelling so powerful?
  1. Story is universal to the human experience. It overcomes our instincts to ignore and summarize information.
  2. Storytelling makes things memorable. Facts along are easily forgotten.
  3. Stories turn critics into participants.
Some brands just want to convey facts. If we can tell a story, instead, we can have all these advantages. 

Storytelling Elements

  • Setting. This is what makes a story memorable.
  • Characters. A lot of companies like to be the hero of the story. Let your customer be the hero. Be their mentor instead.
  • Conflict. Every hero has a conflict to overcome. What is your customer's conflict or pain point? How can you guide them to their heroic conclusion?
  • Emotion. For a story to be successful, you need a stake in it. What is at stake in your customer's story?
  • Journey. There is a start. There is an end. Where is your customer starting? Where would they like to end?

Tools for Storytelling

Think of a legendary character that characterizes your story.

The Storytelling Framework:

Brand Stories

Brands are like personalities. The best brands stand for something.

In conclusion:
  • Turn your organization's story into a people story.
  • Cast customers as heroes in your story.
  • Keep asking "why."

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