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The Economy of Content: Why Supply and Demand Should Guide Your Organization’s Content Strategy by @astute_ryan

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TL;DR: A productive content marketing strategy considers demand and supply of topics. 

Why content marketing?

Leads from content marketing are better. You're able to charge more for them. It's easier to close the sale. 

The problem: content marketing strategies are poorly conceived. 

There is a better way: incorporate demand, supply and value into our content. Gauge demand for your content- will people be interested? Provide the supply, where it's lacking.

How do you determine demand for your content? 

Use a keyword planner (like Moz). Listen your clients. Ask people what they're interested in. Give the people what they want.

How do you create supply of your content? 

No reason to write the blog post, of others have already done it. Make sure your content is unique. How? Search Google. Dome some competitor research.

Where is the value? Opportunities? 

Find the inefficiencies and produce content accordingly. 

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