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Selling For Those Who Hate Selling by @rprioleau

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TL;DR: Sales is sharing something you can stand behind and what energizes you.

You're always selling something. It might be your company or within your company. It's also yourself- like in a job interview. 

Are you an extrovert or an introvert? This describes what motivates you and what energizes you. What does this have to do with sales? Start selling something and start standing or something. In other words, share the energy you're made of. 

So, what energizes you? What energizes your company? What are you good at? What excites you? 

Once you find your thing, how can you keep paddling? You need to keep working on it, to get good at it. When it comes to sales, you need to reveal brands and people for who they truly are. 

This reveal can be hard to do. You have to keep up with it. You have to get everyone involved. 

You should set some standards. Don't just say "yes" to everything. Sometimes "no" is important. It might be difficult but the world won't end. Your standards help you know when you should say "no" and when you can say "yes."

Part of having standards is interviewing prospective clients, as much as they interview you. Don't waste your time (or theirs) by not asking questions, to make sure you could even work together.

Keep your business in order. If your business is running well, you'll never have to compromise your standards just to make money.

Ultimately, sales is all about people. 

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