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Crafting Your Content for Multiple Channels by @katiekdodd

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TL; DR: Your website is the dough of the pizza. Your content is the toppings. 

Need to define what you're trying to accomplish through your website, first.  Identify your target audience. Develop marketing personas. 

As you create your content, it should be relevant, useful, insightful, attractive, creative, maybe funny, etc. 

Don't be too promotional. Only 20% of your content should be promotional. 

New content has an SEO bonus. Don't just write content for the sake of content.

Types of content you can put on your website: resource library, blog, FAQ. 

SEO best practices: 
 * Title tags and meta descriptions
 * Header tags
 * Keywords

Find your target audience to decide what channels over which you should share your content. 

Think about your social media as SEO assets. Fill in as much information as you can on your social media profiles. Social channels are also search engines, themselves. Publish regularly. 

The Buffalo Concept: every major piece of content you create is a buffalo. You want to use every part of that buffalo. Sometimes you build off of it to make new content. Sometimes you pull off parts and use them directly. Etc. Make it last and get a much out of it, as you can. Basically: repurpose your content.

When repurposing: Don't duplicate your content and don't exhaust your audience. 

When posting across several channels, be careful. Maintain your voice across multiple channels. Sure, different channels require different voices, but don't use conflicting voices. Understand what you're audience wants and address their needs. Experiment with your messaging. 

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