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Using Microsoft Edge and Vorlon.JS to Create a Better Web Experiencepresented by Joe Raio

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TLDR: Microsoft Edge and Vorlon.JS can team up to help you produce a better usesr experience.

Microsoft Edge

What is it? Not IE. It's a rendering engine. It's also the default browser in Win10. 

The goal of Edge is that "the web just works". You shouldn't have to change any of your code, depending on the browser. Allows web developers to target a single version, making a clean break from the past (none of the problems from IE; no specific IE code). Edge fully supports WebKit. It also incorporates legacy code with older IE versions, too. 

http://dev.modern.ie/ for lots of Edge resources.


A remote web debugging tool for cross browser and cross platform.

6 Plugins by default:
  • Console
  • Modernizr
  • DOM Explorer
  • Object Explorer
  • XHR Panel
  • nglsinstpector

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