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Keynote: Cohesive User Experience presented by Cameron Moll

TLDR: Rethink the way you think about mobile experiences.

Responsive design is great and important but it has limitations: we're making decisions for the user. For example- can users pinch-and-zoom? This shows the limitations of this model. 

Elective UX. Lets users control their experience. There might be times where this is a better option. Unfortunately, the technology is not here, yet. Wouldn't it be great to be able to pinch-and-zoom to refactor the experience?

Unified UX. This might be the next movement, after responsive design: make it work everywhere. When we switch between a browser and an app, we should have a consistent experience. It's hard to tell what "mobile" means, these days. That's why a consistent experience with Unified UX is so important. 

Two facets of Unified UX:
  1. Form and Function. In the past we've put function over form. A lack of unified form can lead to a loss of trust in the function. It can be a real challenge to use responsive design on websites with complex filtering.
  2. Data Symmetry. Data should be maintained as you switch between devices. 

The best interface is the one within reach. Let people switch between their devices, seamlessly. 

Five suggestions:
  1. Inventory all the elements that comprise the user experience, and unify them as much as possible.
  2. Store session data in the cloud, rather than locally.
  3. Consider using web views when developing your native app.
  4. Replace 'click' with tap or press and 'mobile' with ??? (you decide).
  5. Respect mental models. They will take lessons from elsewhere and apply it to your experience.


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