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Confusing UX with UI Can Cost You presented by Mariah Hay

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TLDR: UX is not UI; UX should be everywhere in your organization. It's all about empathy.

What is the cost of this confusion? Users! As a result of losing them, you'll lose money, clients, time, reputation, recruitment, retention, etc. 

Lesson 1: The difference between UX and UI

UX is not UI!  User Experience is the touch point for the customer. It affects service, product, interface. UI is a part of this. UI is a part of UX. 

UX is a process of understanding your users: research, strategy and design. It's about looking, understanding and creating. 

Research does six main things: understand the user's goals, tasks, needs, desires, pain-points and workarounds. To do this, you have to talk with your users. It's about empathy with the user. 

Strategy helps us identify a user's needs, re-imagine current capabilities and direct future offerings. It's important to understand that UX is not just about being creative. There are processes and science behind good UX. 

Design needs to be useful, usable, and desirable. Design is all about creating empathy.

Why the confusion between UX and UI? Bad job descriptions. People often don't know what to ask for, so they ask for everything- a unicorn. Plus, different people are being asked to move outside of their specialty, into UX. We need to stop pretending that we can do all these things. 

Lesson 2: The maturity of UX in your organization

Where is UX in your organization? It's everywhere (and should be everywhere). UX should be part of all aspects of your business.

As your company moves to UX maturity, it will look like this: 

How do we move towards UX maturity? 
Scope: get UX involved early; go beyond digital to end-to-end UX; connect UX to firm strategies.
Process: you MUST research; embrace UX strategy; less talk, more make.
Staffing: examine ratios; staff research as it's own role; hire UX VPs

Lesson 3: Where UX can benefit you the most

There's a digital divide- we're applying UX to digital but not other areas that could also benefit from good UX. UX needs to be end-to-end.

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